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Since 2004, Investment Analytics (IA) has been a trusted partner for providing securities litigation support for leading broker-dealers and insurance companies.

IA was established with the idea that we could reduce client workload with our innovative technologies and exceptional subject matter experts.

Further, our unique tools and business model ensures that client costs are kept to a minimum.

Snowy Mountains

Trusted Securities Litigation Support



Traditional forensic accounting reports are generally mundane and burdensome, and often fail to illuminate the fundamental forces driving the profit and loss.

Our proprietary technology allows us to generate a host of easy-to-use reports that are unlike any other in the industry, providing clarity beyond the profit and loss, including meaningful insights into investment performance and portfolio management.  This allows your legal team to focus on case strategy and supplemental analysis rather than wasting time sorting through endless pages of trivial reports.

Our lineup of leading quantitative and qualitative experts prides themselves on being a value-added member of your team, and to providing you with a level of support that is unmatched.



PO BOX 1271, Bend, OR  97709

Tel: 646-580-1053 

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