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Trusted Securities Litigation Support


Since 2004, Investment Analytics (IA) has been a trusted partner for providing securities litigation support for leading broker-dealers and insurance companies.


Traditional forensic accounting reports are generally mundane and burdensome. IA was established with the idea that technology could be leveraged to facilitate cost-effective and insightful analysis. Using proprietary tools, IA provides its clients with reports that are easy to understand and navigate for a fraction of the cost.

Our team of leading quantitative and qualitative experts is able to assist with all aspects of case strategy and hearing support.



Using proprietary database technology, our standard reports provide instant insight into account performance.  The easy-to-use reports are published with bookmarks for swift navigation.

In addition to our standard reports, we can also create supplemental reports to provide additional insights to key issues. Our experts are available both in person and via teleconference to provide effective support throughout mediation and arbitration.

Standard Reports

  • Profit and loss, overall and monthly

  • Investment performance by security, asset class, and sector

  • Trading history by month

  • Income history by month and asset class

  • Turnover and cost to equity

  • Cash flow analysis by month

  • Asset flows between accounts

Supplemental Reports

  • Benchmark analysis, all major indices and custom benchmarks

  • Standstill / if-held analysis

  • Asset allocation charts

  • Margin analysis

  • Opposing counsel profit and loss reconciliation

  • Ad hoc schedules

Expert Support

  • Stocks, Bonds, and Options

  • Mutual Funds, UIT, ETF

  • Closed End Funds

  • Insurance and Annuities

  • Compliance

  • Suitability

  • Supervision

  • Registered Investor Advisor Issues

  • Operations and Controls



PO BOX 1271, Bend, OR  97709

Tel: 646-580-1053 

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